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Is this just another book on the environment? With so many books, sites, documentaries and other media flooding us with accounts, predictions and fantasies about climate changes, earth changes, economic change and more, what is the reason to add one more volume to this rising tide?

This book is definitely different. When a Sufi-yogi puts pen to paper the results can have the depth of the oral tradition, with the capability of resonating within and transforming the reader. In the same way, an aphorism, shaman story or sufi tale transports the listener through other dimensions, and can even teach or change the fundamental patterns of the mind’s habitual ways.

Shamcher described his writing as for the man in the street. Although highly educated and multilingual, he reduced his writing expression to plain American English. He uses an almost low-brow populist writing style common to American pulp magazines of the 1950s. Beneath this facade is a swirling complex of living ideas resonating far into the galaxies and universal forces beyond space and time.

To really read this book involves breaking through your entrained educated barriers to understanding – barriers based on preconceived ideas of what a book on OTEC, economics, employment and everything in our environment (inside and out) should be. Well, how should it read? how should it be categorized? The global mess we are currently experiencing is in part caused by this “education” or pre-conceived mind-training and its misapplication.

Drop all that at the door, step over the threshold and open this book. This book opens twice: once when you read it, and again when you read it intuitively and without prejudice. Then phrases will appear with luminous significance for a moment before returning back into the page of text. Predictions of future world events are glimpsed hidden in metaphor and description. Allowing the intuitive soul to pick up the book brings it to life and adds the essential dimension that a normal “reading” misses entirely.

Never forget that Shamcher Bryn Beorse was an accomplished Sufi who deeply meditated daily and kept up an enormous correspondence with many people and dignitaries worldwide. His travels and exploits all feed into his writings. Far reaching in its scope, Planet Earth Demands sparkles with hope for humanity’s future survival, but only if we are ready to leap into the next vehicle, beyond mind as we now know it. That is the only way to read this book, any other approach will disappoint and fail.

As an editor, I knew that it should be published just as he had written it. If I’d taken any editorial scalpels to it I could surely have ruined its delicate interconnections where words hold lines of meaning in the unseen. For this book holds an elaborate infrastructure of our collective consciousness, set to activate a particular way from neurons to galaxies.

Primed and sparked by the intuitive self-revealing moments in this book, we can both unlearn old patterns and be taught in the ways of intuition’s non-linear interdimensional simultaneity. Like Beorse, I believe that this aspect of our human abilities holds the key to our survival and the next step in our evolution.

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