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Read the book taking one chapter at a time, giving yourself time to take in Shamcher’s unique point of view. This way, you won’t skip over parts that might at first seem uninteresting or something that you “already know”. Take it almost like a course, with each chapter as a new class session. By the end you will have experienced a wider more comprehensive world view.

Allow yourself to visualize the situations and circumstances described. Permit your mind to wander into current associations with key hot points or words used in each chapter. For example, so many resonances are implied by the start of the book, when our “hero”, the author, finds himself materialized after a rhapsody to Mother Earth. Where does he “land”? Smack dab in the middle of our current environment. The significance of the corner of Wall Street and Broadway defines our financial and entertainment situation – busy, noisy NYC. Who does he speak to? A policeman controlling traffic (formerly the helpful cop on the street, now symbol of surveillance and control). What has happened? Our hero has lost this wallet; in the big city Wall Street has taken his money, something that has happened to so many over the past few years. All the adoration and understanding of Earth and her wisdom can’t protect him from the thieves. And so our hero sets out to reveal the environments of our lives in chapter after chapter.

Another key is contained in the quotes and continued references to such figures as John H.G. Pierson and many others, retaining their names and work in the public record, adding their thoughts as bright lights in the firmament above the swirling mass of our economic and social stew. It is an area of further research to explore and in some cases retrieve the ideas of these thinkers that helped form the 20th century.

A great deal of this book is about OTEC and its promise and potential. Here again, our visualization helps focus and firm up OTEC’s place as a significant system for producing benign solar power from the sea. The context of this book includes social, political and environmental considerations, along with personal anecdotes based on adventures in different parts of the world. Placing the anecdotes in this context opens them to greater interpretations, with OTEC placed here as a centrepiece.

The book Planet Earth Demands stands as a course and a conversation to catalyze not only thought but also action. This action ranges from economies and full employment to meditative contemplation. From OTEC to love of our planet and inner realization. The action of a Sufi, like that of a shaman, is not always what it seems. The gesture on earth in time is completed in the seen and unseen universes in the timeless. This writing is one such gesture.

Reading chapter by chapter with an open mind, the reader may intuitively discover afterimages of these gestures and their subtle influences in our world.

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